About us

EduMonde is a privately owned, socially driven company jointly based in Paris and Kuala Lumpur and with a satellite office in Cape Town. We are a subsidiary of Worldview Global Media Holdings (WGMH), a Swiss company that has over 12 years’ experience in making use of communications for education and social development projects across Asia and Africa.

Our board of directors and advisors is comprised of international experts in education policies, health and poverty interventions in emerging economies. EduMonde was created by a highly passionate and multi-skilled team who wants to actively contribute to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to the Education For All (EFA) action plans adopted during the Dakar World Education Forum, organized by UNESCO in 2000.

Our mission

EduMonde aims to provide access to high-quality multimedia content through innovative and easy-to-use digital solutions. We believe that first-rate education can be achieved by empowering educators and by providing teaching tools that increase learner motivation and engagement. Our solutions incorporate unique and innovative devices that allow access to the best available content via broadband Internet and/or digital TV broadcasting. In the countries where we operate we look at partnering with organizations that can provide local support, logistics, infrastructure and content in order to deliver a localized solution.

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